Verify your mover of choice has an active license:

​​1) Click the logo below to launch the CPUC'S web site

Follow instructions below to read if the CPUC confirms that a particular mover is licensed:
2) Fill in the radio button labled "MTR"
3) In the box labled "CARRIER NAME" enter MOVERS FULL NAME
4) At the upper right-hand corner of the Look-Up-Page hit the submit button
5) Results automatically appears showing status of the license /insurance coverage.

Why All The Fuss About Hiring A Licensed Mover?​

BPM has met all requirements to operate as a licensed moving company, within the state of California (CAL. P.U.C. T-191400). I felt it was important to take a moment to inform consumers of the key points that differentiate a legal operation from one which is not.

​The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) licenses and regulates the movement of household goods and personal effects, within the state. Earning the right to work as a household goods carrier did not come easy, as some might, otherwise, believe. Aside from going through a rigorous application process, which required proving our financial and safety fitness, we also had to prove our ability to thoroughly comprehend applicable rules and tariff-rate tables, designed to address all possible moving scenarios. Among other requirements, we also had to take and pass a mandatory 7-hour examination with a minimum 80% score.

I'm making note of this for the primary purpose of having you, our prospect, appreciate the fact that when you hire a mover you should proceed with caution and forethought. Knowing that your chosen mover operates legally elicits a higher degree of trust and confidence that your move will be completed safely and efficiently and at a cost that's fair and equitable. In the same way you wouldn't hire an auto-body repairman to set a broken leg or a bus driver to pilot a 747, you should only move forward with your decision after ensuring that the mover is properly licensed and insured - this is the only way to have complete peace of mind, especially, as your agreement is consummated and work begins.

​Here's a list of absolutes that will help you distinguish a licensed mover from one who is non-licensed (FYI: Many California-based movers are either inactive or never qualified for a license, altogether):

  • • Complete a Fictitious Business Name filing with the county clerk
  • • Pass the multi-part Max-4 examination, with a minimum 80% scoring average
  • • Fingerprint scan and criminal background clearance (i.e. Calif. Dept. of Justice, FBI)
  • • Present documented proof of truck maintenance and related safety records
  • • Procure a valid motor carrier permit, as issued by the DMV
  • • Acquire a Pull Notice Contract from the DMV(data-base access to driving records)
  • • Proof of Personal Liability Insurance; electronically filed with the CPUC
  • • Proof of Property Damage Insurance; electronically filed with the CPUC
  • • Proof of Cargo Insurance; electronically filed with the CPUC
  • • Proof of Workmen's Compensation Insurance; electronically filed with the CPUC

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