Small or Partial Packing – Here’s Your Perfect Solution!

$580.00 - Gets You 2 Packers, for a Minimum 4-Hr. Time Block

Pricing shown above represents labor cost, only. Packing materials are quoted separately.
Your labor rate adjusts to $150 per hour after 4 hours, to a maximum of 7 hours per day.

When Does It Make Sense to Use This Plan?

  • You have a small-sized Apt., or Condo, without a garage, and are looking for PROFESSIONAL help with your packing needs
  • Looking for assistance to pack only specific areas of your larger-sized home or select items from one or more rooms
  • Combine this great offer with one of BPM's competitively priced moving plans, creating an unbeatable dual-service value

You may have already decided to pack most of the goods in your home but wouldn't mind getting some additional help with a particular area or two (e.g., kitchen or MBR-closet or hutches that hold China/crystal or special/fragile collections that are near and dear to you). In the same way our comprehensive moving plans have been tailored to meet specific needs, we want to make the task of packing more organized, easier, and faster to complete than it might otherwise be, even, if you leave the hardest part for BPM to manage. Why not make your moving experience more efficient and less stressful, at the same time?

Our 2-man packing crew arrives at your home with a courteous disposition, a trained eye, and the necessary energy to work diligently through completion, of your project. The customer’s final invoice will include the ADVERTIZED labor rate, noted above, plus all necessary packing materials, and a pre-calculated roundtrip truck Fuel & Usage Charge, as noted on your quotation. This service is used to assist with your "packing" needs and does not include “unpacking” of the customer’s goods. If you'd like BPM to also manage the unpacking task, let us know and we'll be happy to add this element to your job. The Basic Packing Plan requires a 4-Hr. min.

If scheduled work is cancelled through no fault of BPM’s personnel and the customer fails to provide a minimum "48-hour cancellation" notice prior to the job's scheduled service date, customer agrees to pay BPM a cancellation fee equivalent to three hours of billable time, as would have applied to the original job (this procedural penalty is waived if client agrees to reschedule their packing date, exclusively, with BPM).