Services Performed At Your Home, Office Or Construction Site


Customer Pricing for Specialized BPM Services

Junk Removal
Costs for this service is based on the percentage of space “goods to be discarded” taken up in our 24 ft. box truck. Your turnkey price includes service labor costs, fuel charge and landfill entrance fee based on weight of goods. Note: Our crew will load haul-away goods, into the truck side-by-side, in a non-stacked configuration.


¼ Full

½ Full

¾ Full

Full Truck

Delivery/Assembly (pro-rated costs are calculated on 15 min. increments if elapsed time exceeds min.)
BPM will pick up and deliver goods to any location, within a 15-mile radius of our Laguna Niguel office, as the client directs. If a request is made to assemble a given item and the crew chief determines assembly is 1) doable based on his review of the on-hand instructions or has prior knowledge of how to assemble said item and is 2) achievable without requiring additional manpower, the crew will proceed with requested assembly.

2-Men - $170.00 / Hr.

3-Men = $185.00 / Hr.

4-Men = $200.00 / Hr.