Full-Service Option Satisfies Entire Household Needs

$825.00 - Gets You 3 Packers, for a Minimum 5-Hr. Time Block

Pricing shown above represents labor cost, only. Packing materials are quoted separately.
Your labor rate adjusts to $160 per hour after 5 hours, to a maximum of 6.5 hours per day.

Need Your Entire Home Packed? Look No Further!

Looking for a trustworthy company that can facilitate all your packing needs, including items like China, crystal stemware, porcelain vases, sterling silverware artifacts and sentimental heirlooms? Are you apprehensive about having strangers pack the contents of your family’s home, such that they will arrive at their destination, unscathed and in their original condition, ready to be put away, into their proper place? In much the same way that transporting furnishings to a new location can be a time-consuming and potentially haphazard undertaking, the task of properly packing a client's goods can, similarly, be just as big a risk. This is especially true when packers have little or no experience on how to manage such a task. The alternative to hire a company, which specializes in providing professional packing services can be a costly alternative. The Works Plan, presented as an extension of our popular moving services, is guaranteed to alleviate the customer’s justifiable apprehensions, while at the same time, providing a cost point that remains quite manageable, for such a demanding undertaking.

We're anxious to let prospects know that when you complement your moving project with BPM's The Works Packing Plan, you'll save time and money like never before. BPM promises to deliver the goods, that is, a combined packing and moving experience, for a price that cannot be beat. This super value is just the beginning. As a BPM customer, you'll be assigned a moving coordinator who'll oversee a closely monitored effort to help you assemble an "accessories needs list", specific to your job. This includes a professional assessment and quote on approximate quantities, then, ordering of packing materials and any other required accessories that are delivered on the agreed to packing day. There is no need to hire a separate packing company when BPM offers a cost-effective 1, 2-punch, all, provided in a single package.

Our 3-man packing crew arrives at your home with a courteous disposition, a trained eye, and the necessary energy to work diligently through completion, of your project. The crew brings a pre-determined number of accessories, as originally noted in the customer’s quote. The customer’s final bill will include labor, all necessary packing materials, and a pre-calculated roundtrip truck Fuel / Use Charge. This service is used to assist with your "packing" needs and does not include “unpacking” of the customer’s goods. If you'd like BPM to also manage the unpacking task, let us know and we'll be happy to add this element to your job. The Works Plan requires a 5-Hr. min.

The normal process followed by BPM personnel when a customer orders the Works Packing Plan, together, with a full-service moving plan, is to schedule a 2-day span between each activity (i.e., packing & moving). This is done to allow the packing crew the flexibility to return for a second partial or full day of packing, if required. Note that in larger-sized households this is often necessary for two key reasons: 1) the quantity of items being packed is considerably large, requiring as much as 12 hours to complete (i.e., 2 full days), or 2) the job extends beyond the 1-day maximum time-limit of 6.5 hours by 1-2 hours (Note: neck soreness is a serious issue packers face, after working steadily for 6.5 hr.). In such cases the crew returns on the 2nd day to complete the project in toto (there’s no minimum time requirement, on day-2 of the packing task).

If scheduled work is cancelled through no fault of BPM’s personnel and the customer fails to provide a minimum "48-hour cancellation" notice prior to the job's scheduled service date, customer agrees to pay BPM a cancellation fee equivalent to three hours of billable time, as would have applied to the original job (this procedural penalty is waived if client agrees to reschedule their packing date, exclusively, with BPM).