Handling Your RESIDENTIAL ​Move Project

​Providing us with an accurate picture of your move's particulars is extremely important. The 1-minute it takes to fill out our simple "Online Residential Quote & Reservation Request" form helps us better assess how long your move will take to complete and, also, what your costs are likely to be. The final decision on how many movers to hire is, essentially, yours to make but an easy one to arrive at once you've discussed requirements with BPM's moving experts, who are only too happy to share their insights on your most cost-effective alternative.

Important Notice:  Licensed movers, such as BPM, are prohibited by law from transporting hazardous materials, including; combustible liquids, corrosives, explosives, flammables and or compressed gasses.  Let us know if you have questions or need further clarification regarding specific items that fall, into this classification.

Protect Your Flooring w/ Protective Covering

Many customers express the desire to have their stone or hardwood flooring, carpeting and or banister railings protected from accidently being  scuffed or, potentially, damaged, over the course of their move. Incidents of this nature do occur from time to time, although rare in their frequency.  Taking precautionary steps to protect costly flooring elements is definitely an option consumers should consider adding to their contract.  BPM can satisfy such requests for those who've contracted us to facilitate their move, through the use of special materials crew members apply as a protective covering, over the top of specific flooring and or staircase railing elements​.    

Full Protection Option = $110.00
​​​Includes; protection for hardwood, laminate, stone, porcelain
or ceramic-tile flooring, carpeted stairs, landings and hallways

Carpet Only Protection Option = $79.00
​​Includes;​ carpeted stairs, landings and hallways  

Use of a Protection Option is invoiced as an additional line item on the customer's final bill.  This option is most often used  to protect the "move-in" residence. The cost is doubled if the customer requires protection for, both, the "move-out" & "move-in" residences. These costs remain separate and apart from contracted Moving Plan costs, as selected by the customer (see plan descriptions, below).  

Standard Hourly Plan

​The majority of residential and commercial customers we contract with, use this plan. Most small to medium sized jobs are managed with a 2 or 3-man crew, however, this may not always be the most effective way to manage a particular move. For example, in larger sized homes, the customer may have lots of items, including heavy or over-sized furniture pieces, which are not easily disassembled, moved and or reassembled (e.g., large safe, heavy piano, large sectional couches, sculptures or vases, etc.) . It may make more sense to hire a 4 or, even, a 5-man crew, instead. This would reduce the elapsed time, significantly, and save you money in the long run. It may also turn out that certain jobs may be impossible or unsafe for a 2 or 3-man crew to manage, alone (our guys are good but sometimes common sense dictates that more manpower is needed). 

2-Man = $150/hr.*

2 Man

3-Man = $165.00/hr.*

3 Man

4-Man = $185.00/ hr.*

4 Man

5-Man = $205.00/hr.*

5 Man

* Jobs scheduled on a "Holiday" will be billed at 25% above the published rates 

​The timer, relative to labor costs, starts as soon as our crew arrives at your doorstep and elapses when all items have been unloaded from the truck and moved into the customer's newly designated domicile.  As noted earlier, all necessary pads/wrapping materials are provided free of charge to the customer.  The exception to this rule applies when we move a customer into a storage facility (i.e., an off-premise locker or personal garage space).  In these cases, the customer is responsible for providing the necessary moving blanket pads, which are used by the crew to protect the customer's fragile furnishings (note: as is the case with most movers, it is not possible for us to leave our blanket pads behind when moving someone into a storage locker).

In addition to the rates noted above, this plan also imposes a standard roundtrip Fuel Charge component of 99¢ per mile, as calculated from our home base in Mission Viejo.  A minimum fuel charge of $45.00 is charged for jobs performed, within the Mission Viejo and RSM areas.

If the customer cancels and fails to provide a minimum "48-hour notice of cancellation" prior to the job's previously reserved start time, and the company has not collected a pre-paid deposit for scheduling said work, the customer agrees to pay BEST Priced Moving a cancellation fee equivalent to three hours of billable time, as would have applied to the original job.

The Long Distance Plan

A move project, where BPM’s staff must travel to a distant location, and which necessitates a combined total of more than twelve (12) hours and 360 roundtrip miles to complete is managed much more cost-effectively through use of The Long-Distance Plan. Note that use of this plan requires an overnight stay, at a local hotel, in the destination city. We must conduct a thorough discussion with the customer of key expectations, including items being moved, quantities/sizing characteristics, disassembling/ reassembly needs, number of trucks to be used, including whether additional stops are necessary (e.g., pick-up/drop-off and or move into a distant storage facility). This important dialogue between BPM and the client not only allows us to gain a better understanding of the job's requirements, but, just as importantly, enables us to structure a fair and equitable price while, simultaneously, aiding us in how to best service the client’s long-distance move.

An all-inclusive price quotation, also referred to as a blended-rate plan is subsequently prepared and delivered to the client, within 48 hours of completing the 2-way dialogue process. It’s important to understand that this “Blended Method” for costing out a long-distance move results in a considerably lower-priced solution for the client when compared to BPM’s standard Hourly Plan. Central to this plan is the reduced rate that’s applied to the portion of a long-distant trip we refer to as “Drive Time” (again, this is priced considerably lower than our standard “portal-to-portal” rates).

Once the customer and BEST PRICED MOVING agree to an all-inclusive price for proposed services there cannot be any deviation from the “contracted” plan, on the appointed moving day. This includes any type of unplanned activity, as initiated by the customer that causes unexpected delays and or a need to diverge from same. Contracted work plans assume the roadway and or weather conditions will not cause unexpected delays or natural disasters that we may, otherwise, be subjected to, while in the process of moving a given customer’s goods. If such delays occur through no fault of our crew, your final billing may be subject to change (i.e., we check projected weather and road conditions prior to agreeing to terms).

Cancellation Policy: If the customer cancels without providing a minimum "48-hour notice of cancellation" prior to the job's previously reserved start time, and the company has not collected a pre-paid deposit for scheduling said work, the customer agrees to pay BEST PRICED MOVING a cancellation fee equivalent to 30% of the estimated time, as reflected on their quoted job. The penalty, as stated above, will be waived if the customer formally agrees, at the time of cancellation, to reschedule their job, for another agreeable date with BPM, exclusively.