Tips on Long Distance Moving

Moving from one home or office location to another can be, both, physically and emotionally, taxing. Completing a long-distance move, within a state as large as California has the potential to, significantly, amplify stress levels for a myriad of reasons. The SUCCESSFUL long-distance move becomes an easier and more reasonable objective to achieve when one understands the significance of contracting with a LICENSED MOVER who has the proper credentials and experience to complete the task, as the customer expects.

At Best Priced Moving we know how important the smallest detail of a given project can be, in the eyes of the affected  consumer. It remains our primary goal to understand a prospect's needs and expectations, thoroughly, from the onset. We view the moving process as a “no-nonsense” collaboration, between BPM and the customer, regardless of project size. Without question, facilitating a move to a distant location, within our expansive state, presents challenges the mover must be ready to address, at a moment’s notice. It is, therefore, essential when making the decision on who to hire as your mover of choice that you select a reputable company with qualified staff who will work hard to carefully manage each aspect of your distant move, with forethought and predictable efficiency.

Coverage Limited to 50-miles

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) automatically imposes a 50-mile limit rule restricting most licensed movers from servicing moves, beyond a 50-mile radius of their home-based address. The CPUC has added a provision to BPM's license, which legally authorizes us to service moving requirements for customers, beyond the 50-mile limit; more specifically, this provision allows us to move customers from any city north of the Mexican border, to any city south of the Oregon border, within the state of California. The CPUC removes the distance restriction for operators who agree to take and pass with an 80% score, an optional add-on section of the state-sanctioned Max-4 Tariff examination, administered to movers seeking to acquire a license, as a Household Goods Carrier. BPM took the optional add-on section exam and passed it, as required by the CPUC, for the purpose of attaining this "special" provision to our license.

Eight out of Ten Operate Illegally

It is worth noting that 80% of California-based moving companies do not hold either an active license or any of the required insurance coverages required in our state. If you are planning a local or long-distance move, within Calif., the safest and most cost-effective way to ensure you have a successful move, is to contract with a mover who is 1) licensed by The Bureau of Household Goods and Services, and 2) carries General Liability, Cargo, Workman's Comp, and Commercial Auto insurance coverages, as California State law mandates. Carriers like Best Priced Moving & Storage Company, who comply with the law will always be your most prudent choice. Do not enter into a contract agreement, without, verifying that the selected mover has passed the MAX-4 Tariff Rules & Regulations examination and acquired their formal state accreditation.

Click below to Read the Key BHGS Requirements for Movers Operating in Our State

What the BHGS Requires from a California-based Mover

Professional Packing and Moving Services

A sizable number of consumers elect to add a packing option, onto their moving service contract due to either not having the time or the desire to pack household goods, themselves. At BPM, we understand how time-consuming packing can be for most folks and now offer consumers packing service options customized to fit, virtually, any type of need. These options range from servicing studio-sized apartments to family-sized homes and even larger estates. BPM personnel arrive at the customer’s home with the necessary packing materials, including assorted box sizes, plastic crates if requested, bubble-wrap, unprinted newspaper wrap, stretch-film wrap, and three-inch packing tape. Our packing crews are prepared to empty-out all the home’s cabinets, drawers, dressers, bookcases, desks, closets, attics, and any other miscellaneous areas, requiring such attention.  As part of the packing process, our crews make every effort to protect your fragile goods from sustaining damage, to include, China, silver, crystal, dishware, glass-stemware, small kitchen appliances, fragile ceramic pieces, clothing, small-sized photos, and paintings.

When it comes to the moving process, BPM personnel remain thorough and vigilant, throughout the duration of your project. Staff members prepare your belongings with extra protection elements to ensure your goods arrive to their destination, in their original condition! We can move specialty pieces such as Upright or Baby Grand pianos (i.e., ground floor to ground floor), large-sized China hutches, armoires, display cabinets, marble-topped furniture pieces, exercise equip., grandfather clocks, large safes (i.e., ground floor to ground floor), sculptures, antique items, large HDTVs, computer and audio equip., and large-sized planters as well. We will carefully wrap these and any other fragile items with quilted blanket pads and stretch-film wrap, adding ratchet strap protection inside our trucks, with the primary goal of avoiding nicks, scratches, breakage and or unnecessary sliding of furniture pieces, during transportation of your goods, regardless of the distance traveled.

BPM – A Reliable and Trustworthy Mover You Can Count On

There is no question; moving to a distant location, whether you are a residential or commercial user, could easily devolve, into a terrible experience. For this reason, it is important that consumers feel confident and have a reasonable degree of trust, with the mover they choose to contract with.

At Best Priced Moving you can have peace of mind knowing your goods are safe even when delivered to a distant city (e.g., moves to a northern Calif. city, typically, require an overnight stay). The moving industry is incredibly competitive; movers will not remain in business long unless they work with integrity and trustworthiness, doing their absolute best every time they service a given need. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have earned since starting the company in 2011,  We welcome the opportunity to show you why we are the company to choose when seeking help, for an upcoming move. With over a 40% residual rate of returning customers, we promise to work hard to make your long-distance move, both, a successful and memorable, experience!

Call us, today, to find out how our team of specialists can assist with your long-distance move! We look forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, servicing your needs, at a future date.