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As owner of south O.C.'s Best Priced Moving and Storage Company, I'm pleased to offer prospects what I feel is an outstanding value from both a quality of service and competitive pricing standpoint. I believe this combination has helped contribute toward our fast-paced growth and singular reputation, as one of the best moving companies in the O.C. Although BPM is relatively new when compared to others in the industry, I've worked diligently in the field since 2007, paying close attention to the competition with the goal of, one day, starting my own moving business. Today, I'm convinced we're in a great position to seriously challenge the more established moving companies, especially, here in the SoCal area. I look forward to converting many of you into believers, as well. Don't waste another minute thinking about that approaching move - trust a PRO to handle the logistics and heavy lifting! Call us or better yet visit our web page and send in your online request, for a no obligation quote!

Adrian D. Martinez

​Why BPM?

Contemplating a move in your future? No matter the requirement, be it a small or large-sized residential, or commercial concern, BPM is ready to fulfill the need at a moment's notice. Our professional service offerings provide customers with superior moving, packing, junk removal and delivery services, including a full range of related accessories. Not only can customers easily order accessories off our web site but ask and we'll be happy to deliver your order right to your doorstep, prior to your confirmed move date, at no additional cost (offer is limited to a 15-mile radius, from our home base in Laguna Niguel). We want prospects and customers, alike, to know we'll work hard to ensure your belongings arrive safely to their destination, at a cost-value no other moving company can match!

When it comes to your pocketbook, consider the exceptional ROI (return on investment)you'll realize when you select BPM as your mover of choice. For example, unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge extra for moving blanket pads, stretch-film wrap or for disassembly/ reassembly of your goods. Find out for yourself why roughly 35% of our business comes from repeat customers. Do you need any more incentive? How about our lifetime Loyalty Discount offer, for repeat customers. It's a sure winner no matter how you look at it!

Confirm Your Mover of Choice Operates As A Legal Entity

​BPM has met stringent requirements, as mandated by the state of California, to operate as a licensed and insured moving company (CAL. P.U.C. T-191400). As a consumer, familiarizing yourself with these requirements should be foremost among the criteria you assess before entering, into a binding contract, with a given mover. DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY UNSCRUPULOUS OPERATORS.

To gain a better understanding of those key points, which distinguishes a legal Household Goods Carrier from an illegal one, click below.

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