Our mission is to help make your move as stress free as possible. Please review our helpful moving tips, below.
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Tips for Planning Your Move​

For most folks, moving is a stressful proposition. Relocating to a new place can involve a multitude of stress factors such as beginning a new job, making new friends and learning to adapt to a new environment (i.e., neighborhood, city, state). While many of these stressors can't be avoided, altogether, proper planning of your move can minimize or even eliminate a lot of the stress normally associated with such changes. Wouldn't it be nice to make the whole process a much easier one to manage? Here are some simple steps that may help you accomplish that goal:

​Applying The "Slice & Dice" Principle

​Yes, there may be times when your move happens very quickly and you have very little time to plan. Generally speaking, however, moves of this type are more the exception than the rule. In most cases, you'll have several months before your moving day arrives, which should give you ample time to prepare. Start by putting together a prioritized list of all of the "move" related tasks that need to be completed. Create a time table (i.e., timeline) that shows each identified task in chronological order, by date to be completed. By breaking-up or modularizing your project in this manner you'll be able to better manage your project, which should help keep things on track and running smoothly, start to finish. You'll be amazed how much easier the job of moving becomes once you've taken that all-consuming "move project" and arranged it into smaller-sized chunks.

Pack Incrementally

If you’ve waited until the very last minute to start packing up your belongings, you are going to be stressed out. You are going to be cramming things into boxes and not taking the time to properly pack items. This is often a reason why things get damaged during your move. Start packing non-essential items as soon as possible. Even if you only pack one box per day or even every few days, you will be a lot further along in the process then starting late (i.e., read our "Basic Guide To Moving Supplies" guide for tips on which sized box to use when packing specific type goods).

Choose Your Mover Wisely

​Moving companies, today, are as common place, as the neighborhood gardener. The industry has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, as baby-boomers reach retirement age and upward mobile Gen-Xers settle in, as America's significant consumer segment. If you are able to hire a moving company for your next move, don’t let price be your only criteria. Get multiple quotes and talk to different companies to get a clear understanding of their service offerings, and of course, their price schedules.  If a given company's quote is significantly cheaper than everyone else, there might be good reason - it's estimated that 80% of moving companies operating within the state do not hold an active license, as administered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Not having a license usually means a company has not spent the money to acquire the required insurance protection, as well. 

The most important question consumers should ask a mover is if they are licensed and properly insured. Reputable moving companies will have an active license and specific insurance coverages, as required by the law. It would be great to say that trusting your own instincts should be enough, but, if you really want to be 100% positive about a mover's status with the CPUC use a helpful URL we've made available on our web page. It will route you directly to the CPUC's data-base, where you can enter the company's name and immediately learn whether or not they have, both, an active license and proper insurance. 

If a moving company comes in with a significantly lower price than others you've talked to, think twice before giving them your business and, first, find out if they're licensed.

​Prepare Your Children

If you have children, moving can often be very traumatic. They have to leave all of their friends and their school and start all over again. Nobody likes being the new kid in school, but if you talk to your children about the move and explain the good aspects, it might not make it perfect, but it will make it easier for your children.

​Prepare Your Pets

​Pets can be very intuitive to changes. If your pets’ lives are suddenly disrupted by packing and loud sounds, it can be very stressful for them. It may sound corny, but spend some extra time with your pets and let them know you care.

​Get Things Cancelled and Hooked Up On The Other End

​One of the first things that you want to do is make sure your get your address changed. This will allow mail to get to the proper destination. Cancel the services that you need to on the current end and get them implemented at your new location. Having your new services such as Internet, TV and other basic services helps to establish a sense of normalcy.

While these tips are simple, it is amazing how often they are forgotten in the chaos that can come with having to move. A little bit of preparation may not guarantee a an absolute smooth transition, but it will eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with being rushed and unprepared, but, hopefully make it a much better experience, all around.

Your Essentials Box Should Include:

  • Any toiletries you may need
  • Snacks, coffee and tea
  • Garbage bags
  • Change of clothes
  • Dish soap and dish cloths
  • Pet food and dish
  • Scissors
  • Towels
  • Mugs, plates and cutlery
  • Important papers, such as receipts, banking information or tax slips

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For those looking to do the packing themselves, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Dispose, sell or donate unwanted articles prior to moving to streamline packing.
  • Loosely wrap glass, stoneware and all fragile items using two layers of plain paper or (ecofriendly) cloth (Clean socks work well!).
  • Wrapping items in newsprint may leave stains on certain items, so it's best to use newsprint for things that can be wiped off easily, like cutlery or certain ceramics.
  • Pack all loose items in boxes, not bags.
  • Tape boxes across tops and edges and label them clearly according to room placement at your new location. This will make unpacking that much easier!
  • Label and place screws and small parts from disassembled furniture and equipment in small clear plastic bags. There's nothing more annoying than trying to assemble furniture only to realize you're missing half the screws, so make sure you think ahead.
  • Transport jewelry, money and valuables in your own vehicle. For your more precious (and fragile) possessions, Best Priced Moving And Storage Company Co, Inc. recommends keeping them with you at all times during the move.
  • Organize and label electronics and cables before your move for easy set up at your new location. Cables have a tendency to become extremely tangled, so taking steps to minimize this will save you some grief when it comes time to unpack.
  • Pack food securely in sealed bags for extra protection. Moving can take a lot out of you, so we suggest packing some snacks in your Essentials box, to keep your blood sugar and mood up throughout.
  • Pack and clearly mark a box for ESSENTIALS that you will need immediately when you reach your new location

Important Reminders

  • Notify all pertinent government agencies, banks, creditors, gas, water, telephone, cable and internet providers of your move. Doing this prior to your next billing date will prevent important documents from being lost in the mail, as well as minimizing the disruption in your services.
  • Defrost and clean fridge(s) prior to moving day, and minimize the amount of perishable food you pack, as it can attract a whole zoo of creatures you likely want to avoid in your new Newport Beach home.
  • Empty fuel from lawnmower, power tools, kerosene lamps and barbecue.
  • Plan the placement of furniture or equipment in your new location so our movers can accommodate you.

Never Pack Flammables Such As:

  • Paint/ Thinner
  • Aerosol cans
  • Cleaning fluid
  • Propane tanks
  • Corrosive liquids