Brighten Appearance of Driveways, Garage Floors, Decks, Concrete Walls, & Roof Tiles

Best Priced Moving is pleased to introduce consumers to our newest offering, Hot Power Washing. These attractively priced options from Viper Cleaning Solutions (VCS), serve as a logical extension to our popular Commercial and Residential Moving and Packing services. On occasion, many of you have asked if we offered a power-washing service. Well, that day has finally arrived.

Our newest BPM subsidiary (VCS) is structured to provide customers with a 100% performance guarantee, through deployment of state-of-the-art equipment, as operated by experienced PROs who know their business. Our 4,000 psi, commercial-grade pressure washer system effectively removes dirt, grime, and algae from virtually any surface type; there’s nothing like the look of a freshly power-washed property when compared to one that looks unkempt and unattractive to neighbors and visitors, alike. Interested in aesthetically improving the look and value of your property? Please read on if this type of service piques your interest.

It makes no difference whether you are a south County business entity or local homeowner. Call us to schedule a visit from one of our service techs who’ll arrive at your property to discuss your specific need(s), while providing a no-cost quote for service that will add to your property’s value and “pride-of-ownership”. Let family, friends, and neighbors see, for themselves, what a big difference a professional power-washing service, by BPM, will make to the look of your property.

A Special Offer To BPM Loyalty Customers . . .
We are excited to let our Loyalty customers know they are automatically qualified to receive a 20% discount from our normal pricing schedule, for any power washing service purchased through our Viper Cleaning Solutions channel.

Before Scheduling A Power-Wash . . .
When servicing a customer’s power washing requirement, it’s important to understand that our technician needs access to a water source. In cases where there is no ready access to a hose bib, our tech will arrive at the customer’s location with a separate “standalone water tank”, which can be easily adapted to feed the sprayer from the bed of the tech’s pick-up truck. When this step becomes necessary, the customer is charged an add-on fee for water and fuel in addition to the normal cleaning service charge.

Basic Power Wash Service* - Cost to clean any surface area is $100 minimum, which is equivalent to 250 sq. ft. (e.g., outdoor driveways, patio decks, garage flooring and or concrete walls). Note: Pricing, noted above, applies to surfaces that do not necessitate use of a degreaser or muriatic acid additive to further remove heavy stains. Power-wash quotes to clean roof tile surfaces will, first, necessitate an on-site visit to the property prior to confirming customer costs.

* Although we don't guarantee to remove all stains, we do promise you’ll see a heightened brightness to any treated area(s).