Maintaining a Collaborative Spirit Between Customer and BPM Works Best

Make a Connection with BEST PRICED MOVING and Leave Nothing to Chance!

Each MANAGED SERVICE listed below, in its most efficient, cost effective, and successful form, works best when there exists a close collaboration between the customer and the licensed Household Goods Carrier. Organization is key throughout each phase of a given service. During a move, for example, goods must be properly, boxed, sealed, labeled, and staged, with dressers and cabinets emptied-out, ready for our crew to begin the process of bundling, wrapping, and, finally, loading your goods, onto the truck, with minimal delay.

Contact BPM’s head office with any questions you may have and ask to speak to one of our friendly Household Goods experts - 949.218.1125.

BPM Home Staging

If you are a homeowner in Orange County preparing to sell your home, you should consider our staging services. Staging a home maximizes the selling price, while reducing the time it takes to sell your home. We are pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Ms Jennifer LaCharite, to assist with our Home Staging Services. Jennifer is a successful and well-respected Realtor, with over 20 years of experience. She received her BA degree, eventually acquiring her Real Estate Broker license, in Michigan. Currently active, as a licensed Realtor in the OC, Jennifer brings comprehensive services and a high-level of energy, into our family of 5-star services. BPM management is convinced that old and new customers, alike, will appreciate her insightful and positive perspective. We’re truly honored to have someone with Jen’s background and exceptional reputation, partnering with us.

BPM Viper Cleaning Solutions

You spoke, we listened! Our customers have been asking if we would consider adding a power washing option as an available service. We are delighted to announce that the day has finally arrived. Viper Cleaning Solutions (VCS), a subsidiary of BPM, is focused on providing excellent results, providing BPM customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, through deployment of state-of-the-art equipment, as operated by PROs who know their business. Our 4,000 psi, commercial grade pressure washer effectively removes dirt, grime, and algae from virtually any surface type. Call us to schedule a service visit to your home or business that promises to renew and brighten your outdoor garage/outdoor flooring, walls, and or windows.

Customized Packing and Moving

For many folks, the worst part about moving is having to pack all your goods before eventually making that move you’ve planned for many weeks or perhaps even months, in advance. This aspect of moving is something most dread having to deal with, as it can be both time-consuming, and emotionally painful, as well. At BPM, we understand how time-consuming and emotionally painful packing can be for most folks and now offer consumers packing options customized to fit, virtually, any type of need. These options range from servicing studio-sized apartments to family-sized homes and even larger estates. BPM personnel arrive at the customer’s home with the necessary packing materials, including assorted box sizes, plastic crates if requested, bubble-wrap, unprinted newspaper wrap, stretch-film wrap, and three-inch packing tape. Our packing crews are prepared to empty-out all the home’s cabinets, drawers, dressers, bookcases, desks, closets, attics, and any other miscellaneous areas, requiring such attention. As part of the packing process, our crews make every effort to protect your fragile goods from sustaining damage to goods, including China, silver, crystal, dishware, glass-stemware, small kitchen appliances, fragile ceramic pieces, clothing, photos, and paintings. So, if a packing need arises with a move on the horizon, why not call to see how we can alleviate the pain?

When it comes to the moving process, BPM personnel remain thorough and vigilant, throughout the duration of your residential or commercial project. Staff members prepare your belongings with extra protection elements to ensure your goods arrive to their destination, in their original condition! We can move specialty pieces such as Upright or Baby Grand pianos (i.e., ground floor to ground floor only), large-sized China hutches, armoires, display cabinets, marble-topped furniture pieces, exercise equipment, grandfather clocks, large safes (i.e., ground floor to ground floor), sculptures, antique items, large HDTVs, large-sized planters, white-boards, computer, most commercial warehouse operations, including the disassembling and reassembling of multi-level (e.g. stacked) shelving arrangements, as well. We will carefully wrap fragile items with large quilted blanket pads and stretch-film wrap for extra protection, adding ratchet strap inside our trucks, with the primary goal of avoiding nicks, scratches, breakage and or unnecessary sliding of furniture pieces, during transportation of your goods, regardless of the distance traveled.

Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly

Essential in most moving projects, is the need to disassemble and reassemble some portion of a client’s furniture goods. BPM crew members arrive at your home with electric drills, and other necessary tools and heavy-duty dollies ready to perform these tasks on items such as manual or sleep number beds, cribs, entertainment centers, treadmills, Peloton bikes, sectional couches, multi-part hutches, display cases, hammocks, most outdoor fountains, firepits, BBQs, and most anything else that requires such services. Additionally, when necessary, they will remove wall-mounted HDTVs, (i.e., we do not install wall-mounted HDTVs) , remove/replace refrigerator doors if there is not enough access through doorways, while being moved.

Junk Removal/Delivery

Whether you’re looking for junk removal services, as part of a larger-sized moving project or simply, as a result, of a “spur of the moment” desire, know that with one easy call you can schedule BPM to come by and, conveniently, pick-up items, which we will take to the local land fill in SJC, for a surprisingly reasonable charge. This service is available for home, office, or construction sites with some limitations. We also offer services for clients who need new or used goods picked-up from a local merchant or private party and delivered to an area resident(s), as our schedule permits. Visit our web page for pricing or call for more details.

Moving Your Goods into a Storage Facility

BPM continues to assist clients looking to move select items or an entire household or office of furnishings and or equipment, into one or more storage units. Because of our long-established history as a licensed and insured Household Goods Carrier, we come prepared to organize your goods safely and efficiently, in support of your long or short-term storage requirements. There is nothing ad hoc about how we go about satisfying these requirements. First, we make it a point to use our knowledge of the process, to solicit input from the client that will help determine precisely how to best arrange goods, within the selected storage unit. Following, are some of the key questions we’ll seek answers to, before starting the process of moving goods, into storage.

  • Which item(s) will the client likely not need access to, during the time these goods remain in storage?
  • Is there any furniture, sporting equipment or other items the client may decide to sell and, thus, require access to?
  • Are there any boxes, totes, suitcases, or any other items the client may need ready access to, on short notice?
  • Would the client like to have one or more aisles created, within the available storage space? (i.e., could reduce avail. space)

Experience has taught us that making the effort to clearly understand, from the start, what the client’s expectations are, and then proceeding to develop a mutually agreed to plan, on how to best stage a client’s goods, within a storage space, works best when both BPM’s staff and the customer, work together.

Packing Supplies to Meet the Need

An important part of any move is the process of determining/assembling the required supplies, from assorted small, medium, and large-sized moving boxes, including specialty boxes for mirrors/paintings/clothing, properly sized bubble-wrap, unprinted newspaper wrap, stretch-film wrap, packing tape and hefty, large-sized 4mm mattress covers, ETC. The type of packing materials used will depend on several factors, specific to your moving project, with the goal of ensuring all your goods arrive at their destination, without sustaining damage. Count on Best Priced Moving to professionally assemble the necessary packing materials and, thus, orchestrate a timely and safe transition, from one property to the other.

Piano Moving

Many clients inquire about having their pianos moved. BPM has specialists capable of moving either Upright or Baby Grand pianos (i.e., Note: our staff will only move pianos ground floor to ground floor – 2-3 step doorway entrances are not a problem). The moving process is different depending on whether the piano is moved from one home to another or, into a storage space. Upright pianos: When moving an Upright piano into a new home, our crew will carefully wrap the piano with blanket pads and stretch-film wrap, and move the piano, into the new home, as directed by the client, removing the packing materials. When moving an Upright piano into a storage facility or garage, our crew will carefully wrap the piano with customer-provided blanket pads and stretch-film wrap, then, move the piano, into the designated public or private storage area, as directed by the client. Baby Grand pianos: When moving a Baby Grand piano into a new home, our crew will remove the legs from the piano, wrapping both components with blanket pads and stretch-film wrap, then, move the piano, into the new home, as directed by the client, and reassemble the piano, whole, again. When moving a Baby Grand piano into a storage space, the crew will remove the legs from the piano, wrapping both the piano and legs with customer provided blanket pads and stretch-film wrap, and, finally, move the piano, into the designated public or private storage area, as directed by the client. There is a potential problem whenever a disassembled Baby Grand piano is placed into storage, for an extended time-period: The hinged and cantilevered piano top that protrudes approximately 1.5 inches, over the piano’s surrounding wall, if laid on its side, should never be positioned to make direct contact with the floor (e.g., concrete or otherwise). The piano’s base will need to be propped-up, using two each 2 X 4s, which serve to prevent the extended 1.5-inch top, from touching the floor, and thus, avoid causing serious damage, to the piano.

If Saving the Environment Matters to You . . .

RENT A MOVINGBOX, a long-time partner of BPM continues to offer an eco-friendly alternative to using cardboard boxes for customers planning a future move, to a new domicile. Renting a pre-configured number of reusable plastic crates and dollies is easy, with no need to worry about dropping-off or picking-up the crates/dollies you’ve ordered – we’ll handle it for you! Warning: Many folks are not aware cardboard boxes contain large concentrations of nitrogen and other toxic substances leading to long-term soil pollution. Unfortunately, most boxes end-up being dumped, into local landfills causing irreparable damage to the environment, at large. Alternatively, you may consider helping to minimize the global spread of these pollutants, by using this and other GREEN SOLUTIONS to become an active participant in saving our “Bubble of Life” ecosystem, for future generations.