June 10, 2020

I was a little nervous about using a moving company rather than rounding up family and friends to help us move like we have always done in the past. I met with John over the phone and he was as professional as they can get, and he took the time to break it all down so that I felt comfortable. His moving crew showed up early and these guys were absolutely, amazing. They were extremely polite and VERY hard working. I have already referred them to two of my friends. One last thing, the move cost that we were quoted was another pleasant surprise, It wound up being less than we were quoted and this made it easier to tip the movers, and there was not one scratch on any of the items that we moved. If you want to take a lot of stress off your mind, I really think this company is fabulous and I feel very good about giving them the highest rating.

Jim B.

May 31, 2020

I have moved more times than I want to think about in the last several years, but I lucked out with the first move by hiring Best Priced Moving and Storage. And I have used them for all of my moves since then. John is so great to work with and every member of his crews I have met have been simply great. I’ve used them for local moves in Orange County as well as moves to and from LA and even as far as Santa Barbara. I do not even call to get other quotes. I just call John and he takes care of it all. This definitely takes a huge load of stress out of the move when you know you can count on these guys. I HIGHLY recommend them, and I WILL use them again!

Kevin M.

May 20, 2020

I used BPM movers and spoke with John who was WONDERFUL! He replied right away and quickly got me a quote. He was extremely professional and accommodated my extremely quick requests. I felt confident in this company from the first phone call! I booked them right away and his workers arrived perfectly on time! They were all EXTREMELY RESPECTFUL AND PROFESSIONAL! I had two little children that they were so kind to and an elderly grandfather and they handled our moving situation and restrictions with the Covid-19 virus in an exceptional manner. The crew was SO HARD WORKING! I could NOT BELIEVE HOW FAST THEY WORKED! It was so much less stress dealing with this company, they did all the work. They unpacked it even more quickly and were so reliable and continued their professionalism throughout the entire day! I WILL BE HIRING THIS COMPANY AGAIN IN A COUPLE WEEKS! It was Such a pleasure working with such a reliable company who followed through and went above and beyond my expectations. I am looking forward to it. They have an extremely solid crew of professionals and I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with this company! I highly recommend them!


May 19, 2020

AMAZING experience!! John, who manages the phone and scheduling is very helpful and willing to work with you on dates and times. The movers were also great. They were friendly and moved everything so quickly and professionally. I was shocked with how quickly they completed my move. I highly recommend this company!

Haley Garrett

December 13, 2019

This will be my 2nd time using BPM and I’m still satisfied even 6 years later. I wanted to clean out my 2 garage which was packed to the roof with storage. After looking at storage units online i realized i was about to pay almost $200 a month to store junk i haven’t needed in a year. So i booked a junk removal company to help get rid of some big items i could not throw away in my tiny trashcan. i was even more shocked how much they charge to take things of value like furniture and electronics. John recomended another company that was a fraction of the prices and was there within 24 hours. The costs were so low i was able to take care of everything and avoid moving and a storage unit all together. Now my garage is clean and organized and i me and my lady can now park in the garage rather than on the street. We don’t have to cold start in the mornings or worry about carrying groceries in the rain. I would recommend John & Best Priced Moving to anyone looking for quality and honest service.

Curtis S.

October 4, 2019

First class service. Very careful and attentive. Nothing was too much trouble. No breakages or mishaps. Would highly recommend.

Lella Leigh

October 2, 2019

I cannot express enough what a great moving company this is! I have moved quite a few times both for our businesses and personal and Best Priced Moving has always been amazing! This last move was the most stressful with changes in our escrow dates, but John found a solution for us and rearranged client schedules, crews, etc. to make it work for us. They made a stressful situation so much better! I will always recommend Best Priced to my friends, family and anyone looking for reliable, friendly, and well-priced moving service. Thank you, John!

Irene F.

June 3, 2019

The politest “can do” crew of movers I’ve ever come across in our many moves over the years! This was the second time we have utilized the services of this company and they went above and beyond in accomplishing our specific needs and multiple stops. They went hard and strong for over eleven hours and did not miss a beat.

Michael Gibson

March 19, 2019

We moved from San Diego to Orange County in early March ’19 and used Best Priced Moving after getting quotes from several vendors in Orange County and San Diego. John who runs things over there is very hands on which made their services really stand out. They don’t offer any type of discount for leaving Yelp or social media reviews, so we felt more confident the positive review we had read on Yelp were an accurate reflection of their services. John was in constant communication and was very patient explaining all the ins and outs. He was not there to make the big sell. I really liked that one of the first things he did was congratulated us on the move, welcomed us to Orange County, and wanted to do everything he could to make sure that not only the transportation of household goods went smoothly… but that our transition into living in a new community went well. What a great guy! Pros: They do not charge you anything until they get to your door. All other vendors wanted to charge us either an hour to get their truck to our house or an hour to get their truck back after the move. Best Priced Moving had a nominal truck fuel fee compared to other vendors. John was able to give the most accurate estimate based upon what we were moving and where we were going. He would ask things like if any of the furniture we had was from Ikea? Knowing that those items do not move well and will need more care when transporting. Moving staff seem seasoned and not people doing this as a side gig or are new. Crew arrived 10 minutes early. It is a 1hr 15m drive and they were only 3 miles behind us. This tells me they know time is money and aren’t trying to milk you for more. John is constantly in communication and along the way wants to know that their service is meeting your expectation. This is the reason there are not negative reviews, he is making sure you have no reason to complain! We came in below the quote. They were able to move us faster than we thought. They had extra supplies on hand to make things very efficient. No damage to any of our goods that were transported. End bill was accurate. Cons: Overall their prices are very competitive. I think it is a little confusing that they do not offer a flat price and then give a cash discount. Instead they have a pay w/cash get a 5% discount or pay by credit card add 3%. I guess that leaves a check for the regular rate. This is just a very minor complaint. All of our boxes were labeled where they needed to go in our new home, but they did not always end up in the correct room. We were asked frequently where things needed to go even though the boxes were labeled. I pointed out boxes that needed to be moved to another room and it did not happen. (5 medium boxes)

Alan H