Commercial Packing Job Ahead? Consider The Alternative To Cardboard Boxes

Commercial businesses and industrial manufacturing concerns are increasingly employing processes based on changes to state and Federal laws, requiring active participation in protecting the environment from harmful pollutants, which many companies habitually release into the atmosphere and local waterways. Good corporate citizens who openly embrace this evolving trend, find the RENT-A-MOVING BOX system to be an ideal way of making an immediate impact toward protecting our planet’s fragile “Bubble of Life” eco-system.

Reuse is the new Recycle! The average corrugated cardboard box is typically used for one move and shortly thereafter, sent to the nearest landfill or recycling plant. Yes, it's great to recycle but it takes quite a bit of energy and water to complete the recycling process. The Greener way is to reuse! RENT-A-MOVING BOX containers are made of industrial strength plastic, guaranteeing they will last for hundreds of moves. Who says you cannot make an impact, as well?

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How RENT-A-MOVING BOX Processes Your Order

Crates and dollies are ordered as preconfigured bundles. Bundle sizes are based on office space to be moved/warehouse size, number of affected floors, lobby reception area, quantity of office furnishings, appliances, PCs/monitors/printers, examination tables, number of equipment/machinery pieces, plus shelving to be disassemble/reassembled. Crate/dolly configurations are rented, typically, for a 14-day term (e.g., 1-week rentals are available for smaller-sized requirements).

An order is processed by BPM only after the appropriate corporate user agrees to terms, including assignment of specific “drop-off”/pick-up” dates of crates and dollies that are entered onto BPM’s calendar. BPM then issues an order into RENT-A-MOVING BOX's reservation system where a local RENT-A-MOVING BOX employee, immediately, contacts the corporate user and schedules the same drop-off/pick-up dates provided by BPM. Having BPM provide the drop-off and pick-up dates to RENT-A-MOVING Box is the best way to proactively avoid potential miscues. Note: As an authorized RENT-A-MOVING BOX dealer, your costs when ordering through BPM are the same as if you rented the crate/dolly solution, directly, from the supplier. TIME TO GO GREEN!


Small Business

30 Crate Package

$254 2 Week

Rental Included

$85 per additional week
Pink Boxes Available
30 Large Boxes
30 Labels
3 Box Dollies

Large Business

90 Crate Package

$524 2 Week

Rental Included

$175 per additional week
Pink Boxes Available
90 Large Boxes
90 Labels
8 Box Dollies

Large Corporate

150 Crate Package

$749 2 Week

Rental Included

$250 per additional week
Pink Boxes Available
150 Large Boxes
150 Labels
15 Box Dollies

Medium Business

60 Crate Package

$404 2 Week

Rental Included

$135 per additional week
Pink Boxes Available
60 Large Boxes
60 Labels
5 Box Dollies

XL Business

120 Crate Package

$644 2 Week

Rental Included

$215 per additional week
Pink Boxes Available
120 Large Boxes
120 Labels
10 Box Dollies

XL Corporate

175 Crate Package

$855 2 Week

Rental Included

$285 per additional week
Pink Boxes Available
175 Large Boxes
175 Labels
15 Box Dollies

How Going Green Helps You And Us

Professional movers love working jobs where the customer has facilitated the moving process by carefully packing smaller-sized items, and thus, making it easier to stack, carry, and organize boxes, as they are loaded onto the moving truck. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, a circumstance that in no way speaks to a customer's intent to extend the process, but rather, the likelihood that a poorer quality box type was used (i.e., not all boxes are designed to be used effectively, for moving purposes). Misjudging corrugated box tolerances is most likely the number one culprit when it comes to the issue of damaged goods. Despite this, many people remain reluctant to invest in higher quality boxes and, instead, opt to buy them at the cheapest price they can find. At the end of the day, using such boxes could turn out to be, appreciably, more costly for the consumer, on several levels.

Thanks to our partnership with RENT-A-MOVING BOX, customers can now opt to use a state-of-the-art alternative, guaranteed to save them time and money. Since the service is also an "eco-friendly" one, by design, it means you'll be making a major contribution to our planet's well-being each time you use it (i.e., saves two trees for every 2-offices moved, including landfill processing for 150 corrugated boxes). The RENT-A-MOVING BOX plastic crate system makes the packing process very efficient; each is ready to quickly pack, stack and roll to the truck (i.e., no more boxes to assemble and tape). Constructed from recycled plastic, they are extra sturdy, stackable with interlocking covers, and reusable unlike corrugated boxes. Prior to each use, crates are thoroughly washed, sanitized and when delivered to your office/warehouse location arrive, in immaculate condition.

The RENT-A-MOVING BOX alternative couldn't be simpler or more user-friendly to implement. Although, we at BPM understand many customers continue to have valid reasons to use corrugated boxes, we're proud to be part of a growing body of merchants who see the RENT-A-MOVING BOX alternative as one, which is not only economically viable, but, environmentally appealing, as well. We believe this unique service needs to be actively promoted, especially when planning a corporate move. We're all potential winners in this admirable endeavor and hope you’ll find it a worthwhile cause to pursue, as well.